Casino Promotions (CLOSED)

Jimei Club members who will visit at Fontana Casino and play for minimum of three (3) hours per visit will be given a Loyalty Reward Card with one (1) month validity. For every visit the member will earn points (1 point for weekends and 1.5 on weekdays. Accumulated points have corresponding rewards...

The more visits, more play, the bigger the rewards!

Invite your friends to Fontana Casino and receive a Minimum of HK$ 100 worth of Bonus Points in your Jimei VIP Card!
This is your chance to earn and enjoy unlimited Bonus Points and Indulge into unlimited gaming pleasure with your friends.

The more friends you bring, the more Bonus Points you Bag.


For more details on any of our special promotions above, please do not hesitate to call (045) 599-5777