FAKCC 18 Holes

Luxurious Golf Course made with pride by Koreans Invitation to a spectacular world that no one has ever thought of. The Fontana Golf Club started in 2008 with the ultimate purpose of developing Professional golf by running professional golf tournaments. Every year our group has been successful in staging an official tournament.Annually, leading players are selected as representatives who participate in international invitation tournaments and reciprocate by way of their Championship, where players from Asia are invited to compete and exchange ideas and new concepts on development of golf. Whether planning a leisurely golf vacation with your family, or corporate events like staff incentive tour and golf competition, we strongly recommend. Fontana Leisure Parks Golf to be your only choice.

Location  CFZ, Pampanga, Philippines
Area  Total 2,000,000 m2
Scale Total 36 Holes, Club house (4 stories, Golttle the (160 units)
Subsidiary Facilities Locker, Spa, Restaurant, Proshop, Lounge, Office, VIP Lounge
Golf Course 1st 18 Holes: Par 72 (7,385yd)
2nd 18 Holes: Par 72 (7,500yd)

1st HOLE/ PAR4 381yd

  • Slight upward hill might give you some pressure for the first tee-off. OB on the right side and 2 bunkers require careful shots. There will be more advantage if you aim for the green since a bunker is blocking its way
  • The shape of the green is like a peanut. In the middle of the green is slightly elevated so be aware when you are to figure the putting line.

2nd HOLE/ PAR5 585yd

  • Green is out of your sight and the beauty of the nature on your left side
  • OB on both sides. For those who aim for two-on, this hole might be memorable as a tricky hole. You will need to set your mind to finish the hole because of the several bunkers around the green.

3rd HOLE/ PAR3 203yd

  • Enjoy the view of what nature provides on the right side of yours and relax for the rest of the holes.
  • The sun is on your back during morning tee-off, and if the tee-off time is in the afternoon you will face the sun.
  • OB on the right side and 6 bunkers around the green demand more fine shot.

  • Green is much easier than the tee shot, so once your ball is on the green, it is not hard to finish at once.

4th HOLE/ PAR4 390yd

  • Straight downward hole.
  • Considered as an easiest hole. Still if you are too concerned with a long-shot, the ball might go over to the other hole or fall into OB area.
  • Fine Iron shot is required because of the bunker at the entrance of the green. Over the green is OB.

  • Irregular green gives you some difficulties.

5th HOLE/ PAR4 439yd

  • Considered as one of the difficult holes together with Hole 18 and 16.
  • Long and upward straight fairway makes the pin on the green looks so small.
  • The hole looks like a common straight hall but the length and the elevation requires 1 or 2 more changes of the club.
  • Bunker located on the left and the green is roughly irregular. It is hard for you to figure the putting line.

6th HOLE/ PAR4 429yd

  • Straight downward hole where you could see the a far view of the clubhouse.
  • OB on the both side of the hole. If you focus more on the direction of the ball than a distance, it is easy to finish the hole.
  • If you are a long-ball hitter, there is a bunker located exactly where your ball might drop. Watch it.
  • Over the green is OB. The green is narrow and long.

7th HOLE/ PAR3 253yd

  • Too long to be Par3, you might think this hole is Par4 and grab your driver and be ready with your tee-off.
  • OB on the left side, bunker on the left side or the green. It might make you nervous to place your ball on the green
  • At the back of the green is elevated. If you have tried your tee shot with wood and the ball went over the green, you will have to try chip shot at rough.
  • Green looks flat but actually it is irregular. Putting line differs from where you are standing.

8th HOLE/ PAR5 611yd

  • Longest hall at FA KOREA C.C.
  • Green is out of your sight on the tee ground and the fairway is slightly bent to the left and elevated starting from second shot point. If you are a long-ball hitter, you might want to make a record however harder than you think.
  • Bunkers placed on both side of the green. Be more focused
  • If your ball went over the pin. It will be difficult for you to deal with the rest since the green is irregularly elevated.

9th HOLE/ PAR4 419yd

  • Downhill, slightly bent to the left, towards the clubhouse.
  • In the case of long-ball hitter, the ball might fall into the brook that runs across the fairway. And if aimed to the right, it might fall into a rough
  • Green is big and round. No techniques required.

10th HOLE/ PAR4 434yd

  • Lots of handicaps you face. OB on the right, rough on the left, fairway is narrow and you cannot see the green.
  • Side bunker on the right can stop you from OB, still too far to the green.
  • In the middle of the green is elevated like a hill. If you are willing to make two-on, give more thoughts to choose your club and focus.
  • Green is relatively small. If you made Par-on, you could make birdie

11th HOLE/ PAR3 203yd

  • Look down the green on your sight and choose one club shorter than usual. You can place your ball on the green safely.
  • All kinds of handicaps gathered in front of the green. Big trees on the left side and 4 bunkers at the entrance of the green. Difficult to place your ball on the green.
  • Be more careful on the green. Putting line is irregular.

12th HOLE/ PAR4 386yd

  • Green is out of your side on the ground. Although second shot area is wide, the beginning of the fairway is narrow. You might feel pressure.
  • OB located at both side. You could have some space on the right side but you will lose the distance to the green.
  • Aim the pin on the green. Entrance of the green is narrow and bunkers on the right side are blocking your way. If the ball went over the green, you will face some difficulties.
  • The green is small but it is tricky depend on where you are standing.

13th HOLE/ PAR4 448yd

  • You feel like the green is right in front of you, still it is hard to finish. The hole is slight bent to the left.
  • Relax your mind and make tee-short like you practice, the ball will drop on the fairway.
  • OB on the left. If you were to focused on the OB area and then your ball was lean to the right, the green is getting further.
  • In the middle of the green is slightly elevated. Be ready with some different strategies depending on a location of the ball. Left side bunker of the green is an another handicap.

14th HOLE/ PAR3 203yd

  • Relatively easy hole as downward hill, still you might want to be careful when choosing your club because it is quite far.
  • The area is easily affected by the wind. OB on the right side and 3 big bunkers covering the green demand accurate shot.
  • If you were able to placed your ball on the green, you might get a chance to get birdie.

15th HOLE/ PAR5 504yd

  • All kinds of handicaps are compacted in this hall.
  • Flat at the beginning but suddenly elevated fairway will strike you. OB on the right, flat grass on the left.
  • Several bunkers located ahead of a green. However since the green is not elevated much, putting can be made comfortably.

16th HOLE/ PAR4 441yd

  • Another Korea is located in Clark.
  • The ball is designed in a shape of Korean map. Tee shot made at Mt. Baekdoo will hall in at Mt. Halla. Lake covering 3 sides of the hall remind the 3 seas of Korea and green bunkers remind the beaches of Jeju island. Set your tee-off to Dao-Joen city and putt in Mt. Halla, il-chui bong (peak of Mt. Halla.)
  • Requires accurate shot than long-shot since the hall is designed as an island. Slight down hill will require more fine Iron shot. Most difficult hole in the course.

17th HOLE/ PAR4 561yd

  • If “Hanbando” hall required a high tension and concentration hole number 17 (straight down hill) will comfort you to relax.
  • OB on the left, however side bunker might luckily cover a player’s mistake.
  • On the other hand, wavy rough on the right side may give you some difficulties for your second tee off.
  • There are 2 bunkers on a slight upward slope to the green but if you are a long-ball hitter, you could go for two-on in the fairway.

18th HOLE/ PAR4 495yd

  • Dog leg hole, suddenly bent to the right. Green cannot be seen so when your tee shot leaned to the left, the distance to green can easily be affected
  • If you are aiming for the green and the ball lean to the right, you might face slice and the ball will just be drowned to a creek.
  • “ Teaguekki” pattern of the Korean flag have duplicated a green and “Gungongamri” patterns are placed as a bunker around the green
  • Watch for your pin location. It gives you hard time.

BEST 2 holes of FA KOREA C.C.★

HOLE No. 16
The hole represents FA KOREA C.C. The island hole is designed in a shape of Korean map and Korea’s famous tourist spot Jeju island completes the hole as a green. Although its cost and construction took 6 times higher and longer than its plan, the hole definitely became the most loved hole at FA Korea C.C.

HOLE No. 18
The green and bunker of this hole is designed in a shape of Korean national flag pattern “ Teaguekki”which players could only meet at FA Korea C.C. and duplicated green made by the pattern “ Teageuk” is a number one favorite of the players.



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