Notice to Members 

         Please be informed that rate adjustment will take effect in 2012 as approved by Board of Directors. <Click here for more details>

Dues and Payment

Members shall pay membership dues to the club in the amount to be fixed by the Board of Directors. A maintenance fee for the use of a villa will be charged. Fees or other charges for the use of the facilities shall be fixed by the Board of Directors from time to time.
To provide accessible payment channels to members in paying their membership dues, members may opt to settle their dues through any of the following:
Payments in cash, check or by credit card are accepted at Membership Desk in Fontana or in Manila Office.
Fontana Clark Office: C.M Recto highway, CSEZ, Pampanga 2009, Philippines

Trunk lines: (045) 599-5000 ; (02) 843-9114; (02) 843-9124  
                   Local 5788 to 5789
Direct Line (02) 843-9166

Cash and Check payment any be coursed through any branch of Equitable PCI Bank and Banco De Oro.

   ASIA UNITED BANK 104-01-001183-8

- We also request that a copy or proof of payment be immediately submitted to our Membership Department through Telefax Hotline No. (02) 843-9166. Kindly present the original copy of your proof of payment when you visit our Membership Office to claim your Privilege Night and Food and Beverage Coupons.
- Validity of the Privilege Night Coupon and Food & Beverages Coupon starts from date of payment.
- Members who settle their membership dues in advance by means of cash, dated check or credit card are granted with corresponding discounts:
        Five percent (5%) - advance payment for the 6 to 11 months.
        Ten percent (10%) - advance payment for the 12 & beyond.
Note: It is referred to as an advance payment when settled in the present month plus another one month or more: